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Jennifer Herrin


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Paul Schneider


Art Treptow

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Nick Oniskey

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Nichole Simmons

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Kevin Rogers

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Tricia Claridge

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-WPFBC Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2017

Black Hills High School

Meeting Attendees

Jenn Herrin         Paul Schneider    Art Treptow

Tricia Claridge      Nick Oniskey      Kirk Stevens      

Brad Loveless


Mission Our mission is to support the academic, athletic and character development needs of the Black Hills Football Program with broad based support of families and community, which demonstrates our cooperation, professionalism and teamwork.

Financials Current balance is $3114.02. Bill coming from Cispus for 2016 Unity Camp and expected to be $2,100.

Board Member Duties for 2017

Reviewed how club tasks are to be led in 2017, as decided in March meeting. Assigned any additional tasks (game day photos = Sandra Maloney and End of Season video = Trisha Claridge).

Booster Bash

Reviewed list of confirmed procurements and procurements still left to get. All board members had procurements to finalize.

Brad to send follow up email to full team group and invite incoming freshman parents to Booster Bash.

All procurements forms need to be with Sonja no later than April 21 and also cc Nichole. All certificates to be provided to Nichole for prep for the Bash. Any final basket or promotion of items to run through Nichole.

PayPal Option

HS booster club now has a paypal option where donations can come in to support a sport or club. WPFBC to consider in future but with no interest at this point, given other fundraising activities.

Team Camp

Review of team camp details and initial interest. 65 is the max number of players that we can take. 65 players would exceed expectations.

Corporate Sponsorships

Discussion of what would be included in 2017 sponsorship package. Adjustments made (lower $ commitment) to 2016 packages. Paul to update documentation and send to board for review. Paul to lead corporate sponsorship efforts.

Stadium All League Honors

Trisha shared HS booster club plans for updating information in stadium for all league honors for football, track and soccer. Photography and all league listing information to be re-done in a new and improved format. Coach to send to Trisha all league/state/etc. lists and photography, if available, for program dating back to 2013. Trisha to update club as to status on a regular basis. Goal is to have track and soccer sections updated this spring and football during summer to be ready for season opener.

Spring FanWear Collection

As a means to offset the lower ASB budget, the board discussed a short term fan wear effort with proceeds going to the ASB football budget. The board felt that the program could support two separate fan wear efforts: a springtime athletic wear focus and a fall fanwear focus. Coach to create a draft of the springwear line with vendor and forward to the group for review. Target date of spring fan wear offering is to be decided but sometime mid-May to early June for a 2 week window.

Full Team Parent Meeting

Set a date and time for the first full parent meeting of 2017: May 9 at 6:30pm in the Commons. The goal of the meeting is to provide a preview of the 2017 season and calendar, with a special focus on incoming freshman parents. This focus will allow Coach and the board to address important topics and questions from parents.

Camp registrations, season tickets, booster club memberships and perhaps spring fan wear sales will all happen as part of meeting. Brad to send meeting invitation to group 2+ weeks in advance plus remind the day before the meeting.

Agenda of the meeting to include:

Welcome and Introductions -- Coach

Goals of Meeting – Brad

Calendar (Spring Practice, Camp, Summer Workouts, Fall Practice) – Coach

Player Recruitment – players (TBD)

Fundraising plan and expectations – Coach

Season Tickets and Booster Club Membership – Jenn

At conclusion of meeting, board members to take payments for camp, season tickets, club membership and answer any questions.

Board members to arrive at 6pm for set up.

Next Board Meeting

No board meeting until June. Parent meeting on May 9 will be next club function.